Cricket Club Makes Tsunami Donation

The Tsunami relief effort is getting help from a unique source in East Texas; a cricket team. Paresh Chhotu, president of the Tyler Cricket Association, along with a few of his family members presented a check today to Tammy Prater at the American Red Cross in Tyler for $2200 to help with the Tsunami relief. Prater says it's the first time she's received a donation from a cricket club. It really should come as no surprise the local group of cricket players has pitched in to help, especially considering how close to home this tragedy has hit with them.

"Obviously cricket on a whole is mostly played by immigrants," said Chhotu, "and obviously with Thailand and Sri Lanka and India and southern part was heavily effected, so we have a lot of players who have lost relatives and families as well."

"We have certainly received in the past donations from little league groups, soccer groups and so forth," said Prater, "but this was very exciting."

Chhotu says the cricket association hopes to make a regular donation to the Tsunami relief fund.

Kevin Berns reporting.