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After Amazon Prime Day, here are tips to keep your package safe

Amazon Prime (Source: ABC) Amazon Prime (Source: ABC)

Amazon Prime Day wrapped up yesterday, meaning big deals on online products, but now there is a warning for customers to protect their package from theft as those items are heading to homes.

Amazon says discounts were offered on hundreds of thousands of items. The higher than usual amount of package traffic means you will need to be on the lookout to keep your merchandise safe. The Smith County Sheriff's Office says there are steps you can take.

There's actually no way that Tyler Police, or Smith County Sheriff's office can guard your packages for you. You should know when the expected delivery and the time of delivery is and make sure somebody is going to be there to receive the package. If there's nobody going to be home at the residence, you can have your package shipped to an alternate location. You can require a signature on the packages.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office also says you can have the shipping company hold your package locally. They say if your package is stolen, to notify your law enforcement agency and to contact the shipper immediately.

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