More Medians To Divide Tyler

If you don't like medians, get ready for more medians in Tyler.

Tx-DOT is planning to put medians on Southeast Loop 323 between New Copeland Road and Highway 64, as well as on Highway 110 between Golden road and Aberdeen Drive.

Tonight, officials met with concerned citizens to tell them medians should make the roads safer. They say studies have shown medians decrease the number of left-turn accidents. But some people still don't buy it.

"I don't think Tx-DOT has made their case on safety," Jack Nolan, one Tylerite, said. "I've talked to the people here tonight. They can't quote me a single figure about the number of accidents that has occurred in any section of the road."

"I just don't see any benefit," Melanie Honeycutt, another Tylerite, said. "I think it's going to create more of a traffic backup than it already is."

If you have concerns about the raised medians, Tx-DOT encourages you to contact its office.

Julie Tam, reporting.