New Research To Detect Terrorists

New research could help detect terrorists worldwide and make you safer.

The project is led by a professor at UT-Tyler. Dr. Jane Saber created a software program to train security officials and civilians to do what technology currently cannot. That is to spot suspicious behavior through verbal and non-verbal cues in different cultures and languages.

Dr. Saber says that is especially important when it comes to agro-terrorism, things like mad cow disease and botulism, which metal detectors cannot detect.

"There's been a number of thwarted attempts for terrorism," Saber said. "And we talked to those people and say, well, why did you think that this person could have been somebody that you need to pay more attention to?"

Also involved are professors from several other universities in the U.S. and Canada. Right now, they're working on getting a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. They should get an answer by the end of next month.

Julie Tam, reporting.