Daughter Begs For Help To Solve Mother's Murder

"This is a poor, defenseless woman who did nothing to anyone except be who she is. And somebody just came in and killed her for nothing," Barbara Holder, the daughter and only living child of Cecelia Schneider, 93, said. "They took her purse and her car and nothing else. Everything was still in tact. Nothing was ransacked. The doors were locked. We don't know how they got in. All we know is that they took my mother away from me when she was finally at the point in her life where she was relaxed and enjoying herself. We don't have that anymore. Someone 93 is supposed to die in her sleep, not by a vicious killer."

Barbara says police believe her mother was killed sometime between midnight and Saturday morning. Later that evening, her home was set on fire.

Barbara says her mother was found on her bedroom floor, where the fire started. She said her mother also kept a spare house key, and it was found in its original location.

"She would never open the door to a person at night, ever," Barbara said.

Ms. Schneider, as her friends called her, lived alone. She was feisty, even at 93, and loved to dress up, even when going to the grocery store or the Tyler Senior Center.

This afternoon, Barbara and her relatives showed us where her mother will finally rest in peace.

"Mother had a horrible young life," Barbara said. "She was finally happy and didn't have to deal with any problems. And then for her last minutes to be like that. I can't get it out of my mind what she must have thought or felt, while this person was killing her. My father was extremely abusive and abused her through the years. And I have to believe that whoever did this brought back those years of memories to her at the last minute."

Barbara wants justice.

"We've got to find this person. Because he or she could do it again," she said. "We've got too many elderly out there that we have got to protect."

She's begging for your help to get her mother's killer or killers off the streets.

Cecelia Schneider's car was stolen and driven sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. It's a beige 1997 Toyota Camry with Texas license plate number W01WVM. Police believe the killer may have suffered some injuries when he or she wrecked the car into a ditch along Greenbriar Road off of Highway 31.

"I can't pick up the phone anymore and say, how's my little mommy?" Barbara said. "I still did that, and she would giggle. And I can't hear that giggle anymore. We have to get these people off the streets. If anybody out there knows anything or has seen anything, please contact the Tyler police."

Julie Tam, reporting. jtam@kltv.com