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Kilgore Fire Station 3 gets facelift from firefighters

Firefighters moolight as remodelors. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV. Firefighters moolight as remodelors. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

Firefighters typically don’t work at the office, they live at the office. Shifts often run 24 hours, on standby, to respond at any time, so it’s important the station feels like home.

Firefighters at a station in Kilgore took a cue from all those DIY home renovation shows and upgraded their station themselves.

Marcus Haney, Justin Cobe and Kyle Huckabee are firefighters who dabble in DIY.  Huckabee says it started with the purchase of a TV.

“It’s grown from that, and we got involved in cutting the trees outside the station. Then we decided to wash the station; power wash the sidewalks, paint our storage building, build a flower bed,” Huckabee said.

The project has been going on quite a while. They repainted, got new furniture, put in three small refrigerators, one for each shift, under the kitchen counter, and knocked a hole in the wall to put in another counter made of recycled wood.

“Just scrap. Everybody had laying around the house. We cut it in sections, glued it together, nailed it, planed it, sanded it, put the finish on it and it’s ready to go now,” Huckabee said.

And it cost the city:

“Very little. We had a gentleman that donated quite a bit of money to help us purchase the plants, and then a local store here in town donated a lot of dirt and mulch,” Huckabee revealed.

That was for some landscaping. They used old fire hose as a border, and finally got a big red metal 3 to physically identify station 3.

“A company downtown had a plasma cutter and they cut that out for us,” Huckabee explained.

And the final touch is an oil derrick which is also a sprinkler. With that I suggested they call themselves:

“Firescapers,” I said.

“Yes. I like that, actually I do like that,” he commented.

He says they:

“Tore it up and put it back. It’s called finishing the call.”

“Well it looks real pretty,” I offered.

“Yes,” Huckabee agreed.

“But you need to mow,” I observed.

“Yes, we do need to mow,” Huckabee smiled.

It’s always something.

The three men of “B” shift did the bulk of the remodeling in about a month and a half. They may have had it done quicker but they had to stop and...well, put out fires.

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