Proud of East Texas: Lauren's Kloset

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BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Lauren Bright's dress for her sophomore prom at Bullard High School was the kind of gown that girls dream of, so of course, as teens do Lauren posted a photo of her prom night on social media.

Although Lauren is a beautiful 17-year-old who was recently crowned Miss Dallas Teen, it was her prom dress that attracted attention on the internet.

"One message really stood out. This girl who said she couldn't afford a dress at the time and she was asking me if she could pay me back for mine over time."

Lauren didn't sell her dress but she picked out a dress from her closed, equally beautiful, and sent it to the girl free of charge.

"After she wore it to her prom she messaged me again and told me how much it meant to her that I had shared that dress with her."

That got Lauren to thinking and she realized that there were a lot of girls who couldn't afford beautiful, expensive prom dresses.

"So, I went to my mom and came up with the idea of Lauren's Kloset."

With donated dresses from friends and family and a wide selection of Sherry Hill, a major evening dress manufacturer, Lauren's Kloset was born.

Kelsey Griffith was one of the first girls to be outfitted at Lauren's Kloset. Kelsey had accepted a date to the prom before she realized that with her dad's work in the oil field slacking off, she wouldn't be able to afford a prom dress.

Kelsey didn't want to disappoint her date and just didn't know what to do until she heard about Lauren's Kloset.

Lauren showed Kelsey through racks of beautiful dresses, but there was one dress that was the dress of Kelsey's dream and that's the one she chose.

"It was probably the best thing in my life because she made me feel beautiful and confident," Kelsey said.

"I feel it's just so important for girls to feel beautiful even if it is for just one night because I know that is so important and girls can be so mean," Lauren said.

Dozens of girls, many of them nominated by their teachers, have benefitted from Lauren's Kloset since it opened two years ago.

A new line of homecoming dresses has recently been added since homecoming is also a big occasion in high school life.

Lauren has recently launched a blog called Living Bright, which features Lauren's Kloset, as well as fashion, self-improvement and other tips to help girls be more confident.

For Lauren Bright, Lauren's Kloset has opened up a whole new landscape for helping others.

"It just feels so amazing to help someone to feel beautiful and have a lasting impact on their life and it definitely has a lasting impact on mine.

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