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East Texan Reggie Howell to be honored at Tony Romo's National Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas

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You could say East Texan Reggie Howell was born to play fantasy football.  

"In 1978 I was watching the Dallas Cowboy's preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was just thinking, wouldn't it be a lot of fun to get points for what the Cowboy players do," said Reggie Howell, founder of the fantasy Texas Football League. 

Just a year later, Howell was at buddies apartment where he says a board game inspired the rules for what would become the first ever fantasy football league in Texas. 

"I just said these are the rules, if you want to play we would love to have you. So the core group that we have now pretty much started around 1981-82," said Howell. 

The Texas Football League had it's first draft in 1980. You might be surprised to learn they did not use the internet, because that wasn't a thing. However, it won't shock you that the Tyler Rose, Houston Oilers' running back Earl Campbell was the first name off this excel sheet. 

"He was just a tremendous player obviously, and for him to be the number one pick was not planned. He was that good, so the guys that wanted to win took him the very first pick," said Howell. 

Nearly 38 seasons later, Howell's Texas Football League still plays.  And you better believe it's always been competitive. 

"I had a knock on the door, the sheriff's deputy came in and handed me some papers. I asked what it was and he said your being sued. I started reading the papers and laughing. A lawyer here in town, Craig Adams had sued me in "The Universal Court of Man" for a bad trade that he did with me in 1988. Claiming that I knew the guy would get a knee injury, so he sued me," said Howell. 

This week Howell will be served once again, but not with a law suit. Instead Howell will be inducted into the first ever Tony Romo National Fantasy Football Convention Hall of Fame. 

"I'll be going in as a pioneer, and I do have a lot of pride. But it's also a polite way of saying you're old. So I take with a grain of salt. My wife says really fantasy football, but it's been a lot of fun," said Howell.

 The Tony Romo Fantasy Football Convention will be held July 14-16 at the Fairgrounds in Dallas. 

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