Longview man has honey oozing out of his walls

Longview man has honey oozing out of his walls
Honey problem (Source: KLTV)
Honey problem (Source: KLTV)
Honey problem (Source: KLTV)
Honey problem (Source: KLTV)
Honey problem (Source: KLTV)
Honey problem (Source: KLTV)

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man has honey oozing out of his walls.

A tenant in Longview who lives on Garfield Drive says his landlord has sprayed the bees for several months now, but the problem has continued. He showed us the problem that beekeepers believe will get worse now that bees weren't removed properly.

Kevin Williams, Sr. Is scraping honey off of his floor. He has to, because his walls are leaking honey and the puddle just keeps getting bigger.

"And I guess it's getting hot and the honey is streaming down. Honey is streaming down, look at that, that's real live honey right there, just dripping off my finger," says Williams.

Williams says this has been going on since March, and now that his kids are coming home Tuesday, he needs the problem to get corrected.

"I was laying in the bed right here and I got stung on my arm," says Williams.

Outside of the apartment, the critters can be seen.

"I know they're in there...it must be 12 o'clock, they must be on lunch break or something," says Williams.

Williams insists there are many more bees.

"They up in there, see, one came out right there."

The landlord tells us he has sprayed the bees several times and will try again, before calling someone to remove them if that doesn't work.

"I got to have a decent place for my kids to stay," says Williams.

Beekeeper Karin Bayne with Honey Hill Bee Farm in Marshall, says the land owner has gotten himself into a bigger issue now that he sprayed the bees.

"What would've cost them, $250-300, now you're looking at about $800 minimum," says Bayne.

Bayne says when bees are killed, they stop cooling off the honey which then melts making a mess.

"What they would have to do is take the wall out, either from the inside, or from the outside, clean all of that up," says Bayne.

For now, Kevin says there's nothing sweet about this issue.

If not handled immediately, Bayne says the landlord and tenant may have to worry about worms coming out of the walls and a potent smell which is also the result of beetles feeding on the hive.

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