Better East Texas: Food stamp changes on the horizon

(KLTV) - There are some big changes proposed by the Trump administration to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, or as it is popularly referred to – the food stamps program.  

With unemployment at near record low levels across the nation, you would think that there would be fewer and fewer people on the food stamps program.  But while the number has contracted a very little recently, the number of recipients is much larger – by millions of people – than it was a decade ago.  At that time, as a country, we were coming out of the recession and the federal government relaxed a requirement of the program whereas able bodied recipients with no dependents had to be employed or participate in a work training. Jobs were scarcer then and this move made some sense, but as the economy has improved, many people have remained on the program.

Some states have already tightened the job requirement, but the federal government looks to move next, with more sweeping rule changes. This is a good thing and it ultimately will help some people who need some added motivation to get productive, and it will help the economy by increasing the available workforce.  

This program was also never intended to be a pattern of life, but more of a hand up to bridge the gaps when someone was faced with a job change.  We need more review like this at every level of government, and logical changes need to be made. That will make for a Better East Texas.

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