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AFL Update: Jon Lyles and 4Ward Focus to host exposure camp to start building roster for indoor football team in Tyler

KLTV Staff - Jon Lyles KLTV Staff - Jon Lyles

In the coming months, Arp native and arena football coach John Lyles will start putting together a roster for Tyler's very own indoor football team. 

Since Lyles still has one more season to coach in China, the plan is to host an exposure camp partnered with 4Ward Focus. As desirable athletes are identified, Lyles will work to sign the players they want with other arena teams, and then bring them back to East Texas for the 2019 season. 

"We're looking forward to our exposure camp and especially get guys that can play get them signed with team to play now. If they don't get a NFL or CFL opportunity beyond that, we can bring them back here is play for our team in 2019. With the talent being as rich as it is in East Texas, we will have marketable players. You're still talking about the top 10 percent of football athleticism in the country," said Jon Lyles, China Arena Football Coach of the Year recipient. 

Click Here to contact Jon Lyles and 4Ward Focus for updates on tryouts and other services. 

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