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Game wardens pursue teen motorist with no headlights, tail lights

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After a 4th of July fireworks show ended, the real drama began for some East Texas game wardens who spotted a driver making a dangerous move near highway 80 in White Oak.

Texas game wardens Todd Long and Nathan Skeen had seen what they deemed a dangerous situation with a motorist and took action.
"We had a full day, a full night on Caddo lake, just coming home from the lake. We witness this vehicle, running down highway 80, a major highway with
no lights on. We said 'this is trouble,'" Long says.

"All the fireworks are over. There's a lot of folks out on the roads. This motorist had no headlights no tail-lights, nothing. We hit him with the lights here at Whataburger in White Oak and thought he was going to comply when he pulled into the parking area," says Skeen.

Authorities say the motorist, 17-year-old Danny Fluellen of White Oak,  did not stop for the lights, fleeing instead.
"Then he punches it around Whataburger, enters old Highway 80, and speeds off," Skeen says.
Game wardens are licensed peace officers, and with full authority to stop motorists, and they gave chase.
"We have the same authority as your troopers, deputies, local police. We activated out lights sirens, and the individual continued to drive. Very volatile situation with someone like this; he was all over the roadway," says Long.
A White Oak unit was called to join the chase down old Highway 80.
"Any time a police officer is behind you with the lights on, it's time to pull over. Red and blue lights is the universal signal of emergency vehicles," says White Oak Police Lieutenant Brannon Robertson.

Bailing out near a mobile home park,  a short foot chase ended with Fluellen arrested by the wardens. Fluellen was charged with evading arrest and driving
with no headlights.

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