A Warrant, Discounted

To assist with overcrowding at the jail, Tyler Municipal Court is offering a reduced price on warrants for a limited time only. People who pay their warrants now through Aug. 12, and request the special , will receive a discount.

The amount of the discount depends on what warrants a person has pending and the fines assessed on each. The discounts will be a minimum of $50 per warrant. Those paying all their warrants in full could receive additional discounts in the form of dismissals of failure to appear/violate promise to appear violations (if warrants exist for these violations), which could reduce the total amount by $400 or more. This special applies only to citations in warrant status.

Designated court windows have been assigned to handle anyone who wants to pay their warrants through this special program. The Court will accept cash, money orders, or credit cards during this special. The special is also available to anyone who wants to pay by credit card using the on-line system from home, but that person needs to call the Court in advance to have the warrant special price changed on-line. Mailed money orders will be accepted if received by Aug. 12 and the money order indicates the sender is requesting the special price.

“We have been trying this special for a few weeks through word of mouth and have brought in over $52,000, so we have decided to announce it to the public and extend the dates,” Municipal Court Administrator Cam McCabe said. “People must come in voluntarily prior to arrest to get this special. Those who choose to wait to the last minute to pay are risking getting caught before they come in.”

The special does not apply to people arrested or ordered to jail by the judge. Anyone can contact the court to find out the exact price of their warrants after their discount is applied. For more information, call Tyler Municipal Court at 903-531-1266.