Cumby Police assisting with Federal investigation, search for man accused of fraud

Cumby Police assisting with Federal investigation, search for man accused of fraud

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - The Cumby Police Department is assisting Federal officers in the search for a suspect who fled from police.

According to the Cumby Police Department, three people reportedly came into the Cumby Post Office on Monday and attempted to cash a money order. It was later learned that the three had attempted the same thing at other Post Offices and were under investigation by Federal Officers for fraud.

Cumby police responded to the call at the post office and observed the three males getting into a vehicle and attempting to leave the scene.

The officer made contact and requested backup. Hopkins County arrived and the men were asked to exit the vehicle. While the Cumby Police Officer was conducting a roadside interview with the driver, one of the other subjects that was standing with a Hopkins County Deputy fled the scene.

The scene was quickly contained by Cumby Police and Hopkins County Deputies. After a search using DPS helicopter, Cumby Police K-9, Hopkins County K-9, numerous Cumby Officers and Hopkins County Deputies the missing man was not located. It's believed that he contacted another party and was picked up and fled the area.

Federal Investigators responded to the Post Office very quickly and the other two subjects were detained and questioned by them at the Cumby Police Department.

The three males are Cubans from Florida that have extensive criminal histories.  Federal Agents did not have enough information or evidence to hold the two men but say charges are expected to be filed.

Cumby Police say they are now assisting in the federal investigation for the incident that happened at the Cumby Post Office only.

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