7 On Your Side: Missing Cigarette Butt Receptacles

"Day by day, this website is still active. In fact I placed an order yesterday, placed a dummy order and it's ready to go! Doris Tyler of Hideaway has never had a problem shopping online until now. She's a member of her local garden club, who raised money to buy cigarette butt receptacles to donate to local buildings. "I just started comparing prices and shipping rates such as that depending on how long they could get here and I decided on Trayvad," says Doris. She found these receptacles on Trayvad's website, "eshopdot.com" for just $130 a piece. The website says it takes 7 to 10 days to ship the product. She placed the order in April and has yet to receive it. But the company received and cashed her check for $423.96. "I tried to call many, many times. I emailed. I faxed, I even sent a certified letter that they'd have to sign for it. Which they did and it came back with a signature on the back but you couldn't read it."

"7 On Your Side" also tried to call Trayvad, and surprisingly heard a youth-like voice on the message. Our suspicions led us to the Better Business Bureau of Chicago, where the company is based. 51 complaints have been filed against Trayvad in the last 36 months, that's more than one complaint a month! Most of the complaints concerned delivery, along with refunds never received, unfulfilled contracts and credit or billing issues. Trayvad was given an unsatisfactory record. "That's why I've gone out and bought more...locally," says Doris. Even though this experience isn't going to stop Doris from shopping online again, it's the start to keeping it from happening to others. "My first problem is getting this website stopped because there are people out there spending their hard-earned money and not getting any response."

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com