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Increased alcohol consumption, traffic leads to increase in DWI arrests

(Source: KLTV) (Source: KLTV)

Over the weekend, Tyler police arrested 12 people on DWI charges and 7 on charges of public intoxication.

Sergeant Jean Dark from the Texas Department of Public Safety attributed the high volume of arrests to the holiday weekend.

Independence Day, like most holidays, creates an increase in traffic along with an increase in alcohol consumption, resulting in more DWI arrests. 

During times like these law enforcement agencies team up to keep the roads safe.

"We have a good working relationship with all of the local agencies, " says Dark. "That collaborative effort is high visibility patrols that help to gain voluntary compliance which is ultimately what we want."

Dark said that while she wants people to enjoy the holiday, she wants them to do so responsibly. 

"If alcohol is going to be apart of your celebration have a designated driver," says Dark. 

However, those who aren't planning on drinking can help improve driving conditions during the holidays as well. Dark urges anyone who is on the road, especially when drunk driving is an increased possibility,  to drive slow, wear a seat belt, and be aware of their surroundings. 

If a potentially dangerous driver is spotted, Dark says to notify law enforcement so they can intervene and determine if there is a problem. 

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