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East Texan helps local kids stay active with backyard pump track

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An East Texan, eager to help kids get outdoors and be physically active, has come up with a unique idea. Building his own pump track.

A walk into Brian Dodson’s Pine Tree back yard reveals a unique toy he made for his children and neighbor's kids.

The pump track is a cycling and skate-boarding track that has ridges and valleys.

"This is a pump track it’s made basically for kids on bikes, skate-boards, scooters, they basically go in circles and keep their momentum," Brian says.

Although it is popular in other communities, Longview doesn't have a pump track,  which is why Dodson took it upon himself.

"I really enjoyed riding my bike and skate-boarding when I was younger. Just because we didn't have one doesn't mean I'm not going to have one," he says.

His reasoning went back to his own childhood, that and getting kids outside and active.

"Let’s get them outside, let’s get them playing ball, skate-boarding, " Dodson says. "Luckily I had a real supportive dad who drove me to Tyler, drove me to Dallas, and did contests and things like that."

He said it is important to help kids stay active.

"Anything as far as sports, outdoor activities, we should support. It's our responsibility to give these kids a place to go," Dodson says.

The track is made of simple plywood and braces. But to the kids it's priceless.
"Like whenever you go down it stops and then goes really fast," says 10-year-old Jayden.
"It's all about the kids. That’s what it's about. You can bet your Sunday britches I'm not going to give up on these kids," Dodson says.
Dodson is currently talking with Longview City Officials about the possibility of design and construction of their own public pump track.
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