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Volunteers clean Longview's Memorial Wall


In a show of support and honor, a volunteer group cleaned an East Texas memorial dedicated to those who died in the Vietnam War conflict.

Members of the Trinity Episcopal church veterans outreach group offered their time and energy to help keep the Vietnam memorial wall at Teague Park clean.
"We're here to help them wash this wall and make a commitment to that," says volunteer Gayland Rushing.
"We feel deeply about this. There are not many of these walls and we're so fortunate to have one here," said volunteer Patty Shappell.

Many have classmates whose names are on the wall.
"My wife and I were both alumni of Duncanville High School. She has four class members on this wall, and we honor them every year. The Vietnam wall was so important, and the younger folks today are going to lose sight of it if we don't stand up and say 'here's what happened,'" Rushing says.
For marine corps Vietnam veteran Billy Clay, who appreciates the support, it's still a tough reminder of all those who were lost.

"We gave a little bit, but guys behind me and women behind me, they gave it all. and we've got to keep their memory alive," Clay says.

And the group also presented a donation for $1,759 to the Veterans Recognition Foundation. For those who were lost, they feel it’s the least they can do.  

"We're so lucky in Longview to have one of the five Vietnam walls in America. We don't want those memories to fade, we want them to live on in eternity," says Rushing.

The group says they plan on cleaning the memorial wall every 3 months.

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