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More than 12 rounds shot at deputy's patrol car in Camp County

(Source: KLTV) (Source: KLTV)
(Source: KLTV) (Source: KLTV)
(Source: KLTV) (Source: KLTV)

A routine call ended with over a dozen shots fired at a deputy's patrol car, and the deputy ducking for his life.

Just before 4 a.m., a Camp County deputy was checking a report of a suspicious person on FM 556, west of Pittsburg.

A flurry of law enforcement activity on FM-556 started as the result of what seemed a routine call in Camp County.

"We received that call of a prowler. The deputy responded to the complainant's house, he noticed a prowler, what he thought to be a prowler at the
neighbor’s house," said Camp County Sheriff Alan McCandless."This house had been burglarized in the past."

But then SWAT, DPS, and Pittsburg police were called in after shots were fired at a law enforcement officer's vehicle.

"When the deputy exited the vehicle, numerous shots were fired toward the deputy hitting the patrol car," the sheriff said.

Miraculously the deputy wasn't hit, but the patrol car was riddled with bullet holes.

"We realized that the car had really been shot up. We don't know how many rounds, probably a minimum of 15 rounds. Very, very close," McCandless says.

Initially, one person was taken into custody, but later investigators detained several people from the home.

The shooter could not initially be identified.

Now they're questioning all of those detained to see who may have had something to do with the shooting.  

"We have people detained but nobody’s been charged with anything," the sheriff said.

For McCandless, it was a close call.

"The concern at the time is I didn't know if I had an officer shot, we just didn't know. Very fortunate that he had just gotten out," McCandless says.

The SWAT team was provided by Mount Pleasant police.

McCandless says evidence continues to be collected from the scene of the shooting.

The patrol car was hit by rounds that went into the engine and shattered the front and rear windows as well.

If the deputy had been behind the wheel he would have been hit.

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