Storm Evacuees Fill Longview Hotels

Many of those who fled Hurricane Dennis have come all the way to East Texas to find shelter from the storm. Longview and Marshall hotel parking lots are filled with cars of evacuees from Florida, Mississippi and Alabama, all going as far as they have to find accommodations. Hotels have been booked for the last two days with reservations from out of state. Many of the evacuees spent Sunday wondering what they'll find when they return home.

"We've been flat broke and it took everything we got . We had bills due and everything and had to put that money aside to come up here," said Mobile Alabama resident Jennifer Davidson.

"I worry about the children that didn't come with me, and the grandchildren that didn't come with me and I worry about my place my house, that I might have a place to live when I do get back," said Catherine Lee of Codian, AL.

Hotel clerks say they've had several cancellations because some people who first planned to evacuate, decided instead to wait out the hurricane.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.