East Texans Head To Hurricane-Ravaged States

While evacuees are coming to East Texas, some East Texans are heading toward Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Salvation Army's Disaster Alert Response Team left Tyler today, along with volunteers from a dozen Texas cities.

They loaded up canteens with enough food for thousands of hurricane victims and first responders. The mobile feeding units came from as far away as Laredo and Lubbock.

"It shows the compassion of the people of East Texas," Lola Maldonado, the team captain, said. "That's one of the things that I get excited about. And I love, you know, showing off the Texas canteens because it shows people that there are people around the different states that care about what's going on."

The volunteers anticipate staying for about two weeks in either Monroe, LA or Jackson, MS, but they say they'll stay as long as they are needed.

Julie Tam, reporting. jtam@kltv.com