Detectives Look Into Possible Missing Key In Woman's Death

New information tonight about a suspicious death in Tyler last night.

A 93-year-old woman was burned to death in her home at 311 East Callahan.

Police and fire officials are investigating the case as an arson and homicide.

Police now say the fire was in Cecelia Schneider's bedroom, and there was smoke damage in other parts of the house. Her car was stolen, run off the road, and left damaged on Greenbriar road off of Highway 31.

Some neighbors had checked in on Cecelia from time to time and never suspected anything like this would happen. Some say they're now afraid for themselves.

"I'm scared now," Julia Ortega, one neighbor, said. "I'm really scared. Because my daughter's here with a brand new baby and two other young children. And everybody's at work during the day, and she's here by herself."

Investigators are looking into a claim that Cecelia's spare house key was missing. They're asking anyone with information to call the Tyler police or fire department.

Julie Tam, reporting.