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Palestine residents concerned about safety after Palestine woman’s murder

Esther Deleon and daughter (Source: KLTV) Esther Deleon and daughter (Source: KLTV)
Ricki Deann Taylor (Source: Facebook) Ricki Deann Taylor (Source: Facebook)

Members of the Palestine community say they are more vigilant now after the death of Ricki Deann Taylor.

Taylor, 46, was found dead in Houston County on Saturday. Her death is currently being investigated as a homicide. On Monday, a preliminary cause of death report revealed that Taylor died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Palestine resident Esther Deleon says she's more vigilant now after hearing of Ricki Deann Taylor's death

“We felt safe, we all grew up here, now we have to watch our backs and be careful,” Deleon said.
She’s concerned about the safety of her daughter and family.

"Keeping eyes on our at all times kids, you know, we could be at home…in our front yards,"  Deleon said.

She's not alone. Others like business owner Bill Rawson say they've heard a lot of concerns from those in the area.
"A lot of people don't understand what's going on,” Rawson said. “There’s a lot of fears especially by the ladies because of they don't know if it was a random act or if it was somebody that knew her or what the situation was.”

 It's an easing of fears that may be found in the details for those who live in Palestine.

 “We would like the community or the cops to give some more information to stay alert, to see them roam around a little more than we do,” Deleon said.

Rawson said that the community is left wondering what happened. 
“Whenever you have someone who is so much a part of everything that goes on in this town…it kind of brings everything forward like man, what do we got going on here?” Rawson said.

 And as they wait, they hope a resolution can be found for the family and friends of Ricki Deann Taylor.

 “I hope they get the person who did this; it's scary,” Deleon said. “Because he's still out there, if they haven't found them yet, he could get any of us.”

No arrests have been made. The investigation is ongoing at this time and detectives are currently pursuing all leads into Taylor's death, according to Palestine officials.

KLTV reached out to the Palestine Police Department and they said that if there is any information that needs to be released for the safety of their citizens that they would release it immediately. 

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