Better East Texas: Texas Monthly recognizes reps

Better East Texas: Texas Monthly recognizes reps

(KLTV) - Divisions in the political world between the house and senate don't just apply to Washington D.C.  The Texas House and Senate have had their divides as well.  

In spite of the fact that Republicans control both houses, the recently finished session was filled with a lot of issues between the House and Senate.The leaders of these bodies – House Speaker Joe Strauss and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, had their differences, too. So the result is a special session to tidy up the work of the state house.  

While there has been in-fighting, there has also been some lighter news out of Austin as well. Texas Monthly released their semi-annual list of the 10 Best and Worst Legislators in the Lone Star State.  Now, this is list is not scientific and is simply the result of numerous interviews from those in the know but the list does carry some political weight as politics are much about image.

 Thankfully, three east Texas lawmakers are on the 10 best list – Senator Robert Nichols, State Representatives Matt Schaeffer from Tyler, and Chris Paddie from Marshall each made the ten best list. Texas Monthly uses criteria like solving problems, working cooperatively and moving issues forward to decide the list.  

So, congratulations to each of these representatives. It will take their talents and a willingness to come together that will decide the success or failure of the upcoming special session and each of these elected officials will be tested.  Let's hope they are successful and that will make for a better East Texas.

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