Better East Texas: Healthcare vote approaching

Better East Texas: Healthcare vote approaching

(KLTV) - A special committee from the U.S. Senate huddled for weeks to generate the controversial Better Care Reconciliation Act, which is the Senate's version of the replacement for Obamacare. This proposal is 142 pages long and it did not take long for the document to generate a reaction.

Keep in mind that Republicans control the Senate, but by only a small margin of two votes. Four Republican senators came out against the proposal.Now, Senate leaders knew it would happen, but they have set themselves up for failure through this process unless some world class negotiating takes place.  First, they set a vote for early July.  
With this legislation being so impactful and far reaching, why rush it?  They wanted to get it done by their recess but that is a lousy reason for rushing such a major decision.  

Next, it is obviously political,  how quickly the four Senators came out against the measure. All that did was set in motion the need for give and take which could jeopardize the legislation even more.

Finally, this is an opportunity for some democrats to become national heroes by breaking ranks and finding a way to support the legislation – even with some changes. If you really want to send a message to America about working together, then what a great way to do it.  

However, I doubt any Democrats will break with their party, just as no Republicans would break if the tables were turned. So much for a unified government.  This is an opportunity missed.

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