The Johnson Tradition: Justin and Jaron Johnson honor father by giving back to the Tyler community

The Johnson Tradition: Justin and Jaron Johnson honor father by giving back to the Tyler community

Former John Tyler Lion's Justin and Jaron Johnson returned to the Lion's Den Saturday morning, hosting their free Johnson Brothers basketball camp.

"It's fun man, very fun. I went to John Tyler, I'm a product of East Texas. Product of Tyler, Texas, and it's just great to give back the kids are amazing right now. When it comes to basketball, basketball is what unites us. It's our passion together," said Justin Johnson, former professional basketball player.

Justin is a former professional basketball player, Jaron is still competing and will head to Las Vegas to join the LA Clippers summer league in a few weeks. Needless to say these kids weren't shooting hoops with just anyone.

"It's amazing to see this many kids come out and they want to learn. They are looking me in my eye, like they want to learn. Saying I want to learn this," said Justin.

With three full gyms of boys and girls all wanting to improve at the sport, the only thing missing was Micheal Johnson.  Also known as Coach J,  Justin and Jaron's father recently passed away from cancer in January.

"The emotions hit me all the time. I've been here a couple times since my dad passed and the love he has here is amazing," said Justin.

From playing with Earl Campbell in the 1973 state championship to helping thousands of athletes succeed at their craft, Coach J paved the way for his son's to use their own talents to make a difference.

"From the rides home with the kids, from bringing them home and letting them eat with us, it's the small things that matter. When you think of him, all I can think about is a smile. I know my dad is great guy, a great community leader, and that's what were hoping to be here in Tyler, Texas," said Justin.

No matter where life or basketball takes the Johnson brothers, this is one court they will always call home. Because home is where the heart is.

"Always in our corner, great guy, great dad. We love him to death, we miss him he is still here with us. He is right here at this camp and I can just fell it in the air right now," said Justin.

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