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East Texas park incident shows resurgent synthetic drug problem

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An incident at an East Texas park on Friday was evidence that a dangerous synthetic drug addiction is still happening right here in East Texas. 

Former addicts and counselors say this latest episode points to just how bad the problem of synthetic marijuana is getting.

It was at Longview’s MaGrill Park on Friday that emergency units found the frightening effects synthetic drugs on those that use it.

Recovered addict Tyler Beaulak, says it's all too common now.

"I got involved with K-2 when I was about 15 years old. Use of it had me throwing up black tar, dry heaving black tar," the 22-year old says.

At McGrill Park one man on the drug was wildly combative and had to be subdued by police. Four people were hospitalized.

"I've never seen any reactions that severe," Beaulak says.

 It was more addictive than heroin. I've done heroin. I would pass out and have hallucinations," Tyler says.

Police say all the victims used a synthetic called 'mister happy',  something Beaulak has used.

"I smoked it before a few years ago," he says.

He says the only answer is making all synthetics illegal.

"People think we're getting rid of it, no they're just changing the look of the bag. It should be illegal like any other drug," Beaulak says.

Beaulak is set to graduate from the 'Hi-way 80 rescue missions' discipleship program and plans to go to work ministering to people with substance abuse issues.

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