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Community steps up to buy paraplegic professional rugby wheelchair

(Source: Brandon Baldwin) (Source: Brandon Baldwin)
Source: Brandon Baldwin Source: Brandon Baldwin
(Source: Brandon Baldwin) (Source: Brandon Baldwin)

The Kemp community stepped up in a big way for paraplegic Brandon Baldwin. 

Baldwin is a 21-year-old, from the Kemp community, and loves to play Rugby. In fact, he's been playing for 5 years now.

The community of Kemp came together to raise enough funds to purchase a brand new, paid for, quadriplegic wheelchair, for Baldwin.

"Just having my own chair, and being able to use it whenever I need it."

That was Baldwin's response when asked what the best part of receiving such a gift was.  On Tuesday, Baldwin was presented with his new wheelchair at a rugby camp at the University of Houston for paraplegic men and women. 

Baldwin says his favorite part of camp is the learning experience he gains and his favorite part about the sport is "the physicality ... and you get to meet new people."

Baldwin will be at the camp until Sunday. Then he will start preparing for his first United States Quad Rugby Association tournament in Reno, in October. 

He says he plans to continue playing the sport for many years to come.

"I'd like to thank the community for everything they did."

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