Freedom Fighter: James Howell

Bombing missions over Italy, France and Africa are as vivid to James Howell of Daingerfield today as they were sixty-plus years ago. Howell flew fifty combat missions during World War Two, the first twenty-nine missions as bombardier aboard "The Romar".
On Howell's thirtieth mission, he was ordered to fly in the lead plane in a bombing misson over Italy. The lead plane captain had requested Howell because of his accuracy as a bombardier. It was during this flight that Howell learned that The Romar had been shot down. It was months later before he learned all the crew had escaped and made their way out of Italy, except for one.
Howell continued to serve his country, flying twenty more combat missions. He left the Air Corps in 1947 but served ten more years in the Reserve. When James Howell looks back to those war years today, he says what happened "was fate". But he thanks God for sparing him.  

Joan Hallmark, reporting.