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Athens HS replacing stadium turf following lead contamination


Bruce Field at Athens High School is getting a $383,000 upgrade after a house fire carried debris contaminated with lead onto the field.

The house fire happened in late April killing one person, and now the district will be replacing the 6-year-old turf.

According to Athens ISD Superintendent Blake Stiles, "normally the warranty on a field like this is eight years, but usually, you can get ten to twelve years out of them."

Since the contamination, Athens graduation was relocated and field activities have been temporarily moved.

While the turf will need to be completely replaced, most of the stadium is still salvageable. 

“The stands can be wiped down with a certain substance and they'll be fine," Superintendent Stiles added.

The construction is set to begin mid-July and will finish before the start of football season on August 1.

Superintendent Stiles says the district's insurance company is set to pay for the cost, but they are still working out all the final details.


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