Proud of East Texas: Susanne Elizabeth Jewelry Designs

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Designing jewelry was not what Susanne Mackintosh had planned on doing when she completed her college education. Instead, the Kentucky native had headed straight for Soho in the Big Apple and an exciting job as a television producer.

"One of the best things about Soho were all the street vendors and ti was jewelry, all handmade, local artists."

While Susanne could appreciate the beautiful handmade jewelry the street vendors offered, she was too busy to even think of another career, plus she couldn't afford the absorbent prices of the jewelry.

It was after her move to Los Angeles to produce for MTV and E that Susanne got interested in jewelry making as a creative escape from the stresses of her job.

The owner of an L.A. Bead Store taught her the basics of making jewelry, and Susanne put her creativity to work.

"One a whim I build a website over Christmas break and started posting pictures and co-workers started buying from me and the rest is kind of history."

Susanne's website attracted the attention of a company that does product placement, including celebrity gift baskets and TV fashion.

While Susanne was enormously flattered, she knew she couldn't produce the quantity needed and turned the offer down.

"They called me back a few days later and said I have a better option for you, it's for the Bachelorette, the show on ABC."

There was no guarantee the Bachelorette would choose Susanne's designs, but she was promised a credit on

"I was just so fortunate. That was the Ali Fedotowski season and she wore I think 13 out of 29 something pieces."

TV fashion bloggers soon discovered Susanne's designs and her brand became an instant success.

"The bloggers post everything from head to toe that those girls wear."

Susanne's provided jewelry for eight seasons of the Bachelorette so far, and the bloggers have helped introduce her designs to other celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, Laura Conrad and Tori Spelling.

"The fashion industry's so huge and so is the TV industry and so to mesh them together it just explodes."

Susanne's pieces are described as dainty and delicate. Great for layering.

"You can wear two or three pieces at a time," explains Susanne.

Each piece of Susanne Elizabeth Jewelry is hand made by Susanne herself.

"We moved here from L.A. just a year and a half ago and to be able to take my business wherever I go is just really exciting."

With the popularity of Susanne's Jewelry and New Kids Jewelry line, expansion may be n the future, after the MacKintosh children get in school, Susanne says.

Until then lucky East Texans can buy Susanne Elizabeth Jewelry online and at a few select boutiques.

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