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Cumberland Academy lacrosse players invited to national prospect invite

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Brandon Miller and Cole Osmer are two junior lacrosse stars at Cumberland Academy that are about to hit the national circuit. 

Traveling to Richmond, Virginia, for The Warrior National Prospect Invite, these East Texans will be two of 80 lacrosse athletes in their graduation class chosen to participate. 

"Coaches don't usually come to Texas for recruiting; they maybe come once or twice. But being able to go to Virginia, if they recognize us and like what they see, then they might come back and watch us in Dallas or Louisiana where we play," said Brandon Miller, junior Knight attacker. 

"They get a chance to go and test their skills against the best in the country, in a hotbed. They are coming from a non-hotbed. It is going to be a little bit of a have to prove yourself, guys are going to be like alright who are you. They are going to have to show what they can do," Risto Worthington, Athletic Director and Head Lacrosse Coach at Cumberland Academy. 

What's more impressive about these two is that they've been playing this sport for fewer than five years. For Miller, it was the best option to replace football. 

"Whenever I first came to this school, they didn't have football, so I didn't know what to do. Then all my friends played lacrosse, so I decided to try it with a few of my other friends, and I ended up loving it the first time I came out, and stuck with it," said Miller. 

For Osmer, it was more of a dare that turned into destiny. 

"It was kind of a joke. Our teammates were handing around the gear trying to find someone. I just grabbed the gear and stood in the goal and I blocked a few. They just said keep trying, so I did and I got pretty good," said Cole Osmer, junior Knight goalie. 

"Cole is a phenomenal goalie. I mean with no former goalie training he is coming up with saves that I haven't seen ever. A lot of one-on-one saves that should be a goal for the other team that are turnovers and become our ball," said Coach Worthington. 

"It's his size, he is pretty fast. But really the most important thing is he is so coach-able. You will tell him one thing and he goes 'yes sir' and he'll do it. He's got the desire, he's got the work ethic, he is coach's dream really, because you ask him to something and he does it," said Coach Worthington, when asked what it is about Brandon that makes him thinks he has what it takes.

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