In The Kitchen: Bruno's Pizza Bread

Bruno's Pizza Bread
1/3  Cup yeast
1/2  Cup sugar
1/4  Cup salt
1/4  Cup Vegetable Oil
1/2  Gallon lukewarm water 
  2 lb  flour
1.  Mix flour and dry ingredients together
2.  Add oil and water and allow to sit for approximately 10 minutes
3.  Dough should be dry and firm to touch (not tacky).  Place mixed dough on floured work table
     and cover with plastic and allow it to rise for approximately 15 minutes
4.  Then, cut dough into desired weight pieces and form into balls.  Cover once more and allow dough to rise for 15 more minutes
5.   Next, roll dough balls into loaves and place on greased pan.  Paint the loaves with an egg wash and allow dough to rise to desired size. 
6.  Last, place dough in 350 degree oven carefully (do not bump pan or dough may fall) and cook till brown on top and bottom.
This recipe will yield about 20 loaves