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Sad update: Missing tortoise Cha-cha found dead

Cha-Cha has been found. (Source: KLTV) Cha-Cha has been found. (Source: KLTV)

An East Texas family has been searching over a week for their pet African desert tortoise, and this week, they found him.

Sadly, Cha-Cha the tortoise was killed by a vehicle on Hwy 80. He was found Tuesday, according to his owner, Michelle Cahal.

Cha-Cha had found a hole in the fence along the border of his 4-acre enclosure, Cahal told us, and had managed to get through it. 

"At first I thought 'well, I'm just not seeing him.' My stomach dropped and I said 'he's definitely gone,'" she says.
Cha-Cha is a 20-pound African desert tortoise, sometimes called a thigh-spined tortoise. They had raised him for six years.
"He's just part of the family. People think tortoises aren't fast, but if he sees something he wants, he speeds up," Cahal said last week..

Unfortunately, the family will now have to go on without the pet that they loved so much. 

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