Casualty Figures Likely To Rise From Thursday's London Terror Attacks

At least 50 people were killed in Thursday's terror bombings in London and the figure is likely to rise.

Australia's Prime Minister John Howard says he's been told the number of dead has climbed to 52. A French interior official puts it at 50.

Two sisters from Knoxville, Tennessee, are among the 700 people who were injured. They were caught in one of the subway blasts.

At least 45 of the survivors were badly hurt, injuries ranging from burns to amputations.

The London attacks are regarded as the city's worst since World War Two, making Seven-Seven the British equivalent of America's Nine-Eleven.

Through it all, people are showing a staunch resilience. As one London tour guide puts it, "As Brits, we'll carry on. It doesn't scare us at all."

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