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Search for Chacha continues

Chacha the pet tortoise. (Source: Cahal family) Chacha the pet tortoise. (Source: Cahal family)
Chacha the pet tortoise. (Source: Cahal family) Chacha the pet tortoise. (Source: Cahal family)

The search for an unusual lost pet goes on, missing from an East Texas family for more than a week.

It was last Saturday that a White Oak family noticed that 'Cha-cha' the tortoise was missing from its’ enclosure.

Cha-cha is a 20 pound African desert tortoise.

Since Cha-cha disappeared over a week ago, the Cahal family has done everything they can think of to see if anyone has seen him.

"We moved his pen so he'd have more grass to eat and more shade. He's not here," says Michelle Cahal.

Also called a spur-thighed tortoise, a search of Cha-cha's four-acre enclosure revealed a gap, and the Cahal's believe he may have gone to an adjacent
"We just thought he was too big to be able to maneuver through it," says Michelle. Wildlife experts say it's likely that Cha-cha isn't too far away.
"The odds are that this animal is within the general vicinity of where it lives. Hopefully, he's close by. This animal is big," says Longview animal
control officer Chris Kemper.

"If somebody found him and took him home with them, I'd be glad to come pick him up," Michelle says.

Michelle contacted all local law enforcement agencies, and even put out Facebook posts alerting the area.

She's received several messages saying Cha-cha had been seen walking along Highway 80. But none have been confirmed.
"When they see something that big, the hope is that they would stop and call someone. This is not the type of turtle we see around here," Kemper

The Cahal's ask that anyone who thinks they've seen Cha-cha anywhere, to notify their local law enforcement.

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