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VIDEO: Diboll officer has priceless reaction to snake in resident's home

Source: Diboll Police Department Facebook Source: Diboll Police Department Facebook

DIBOLL, TX (KLTV) - Officers are called to do a lot in the line of duty. And now, a group of East Texas officers can add snake charmers to the list.

Diboll police were recently called out to retrieve a snake from a resident's home.

When they arrived, the snake was curled up along a wall. An officer began recording the capture to later share the video on Facebook - but arguably the best thing he filmed was his own reaction to the snake.

They first considered using a shovel to get retrieve the snake, but then Officer Bart Riley simply caught the snake with his hands.

"Man you're nuts!" Sgt. B. Lovell, who appears to be the officer filming, says to Riley on the video.

The snake, which officers determined was a rat snake, was then released near a creek. It was not injured, DPD says.

After screaming and jumping back, Lovell tells the homeowner, "You're lucky he was working."

The video was posted to the Diboll Police Department's Facebook page on June 13 with the caption, "I HATE SNAKES! I'm glad that Bart Riley is on my shift. Yes, I screamed twice! Once when I thought the snake was getting away from Bart, and the second time as my leg brushed against the handle of a shovel. No snakes were harmed in the making of this video."

Since it was posted, it has received more than 21,700 views.

Viewers reactions were largely amused, with one commenting, "There's something wrong with that boy."

A third officer, Corey Clemens, is seen on the video holding the door. Clemens told commenters who stood far back to give the snake an "escape route."

"See, I was trying to cut the suspect a break, my partner was determined to catch him," Clemens said.

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