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VIDEO: East Texans embrace inner alligator hunter

Source: Brian Faulkner Source: Brian Faulkner

A couple of East Texans had a unique way of starting kicking off the summer.

While some people wrangle cattle, others in East Texas sometimes end up wrangling other types of critters.

KLTV viewer Brian Faulkner submitted a video of alligator wranglers responding to a call of a reptile being spotted.

According to Faulkner, Hawkins homeowner, Hal Conover contacted Byron South and his son for help after he saw the alligator in a pen with his weaning calved. Conover and South roped the alligator and the Wranglers later arrived to take on the gator.

In the video, the men are seen wrangling the gator. At one point, the reptile attempts to take a chomp at one the men’s finger, but Faulkner said he is doing just fine.

After battling with the gator, they were able to relocate him to The Gator Farm in Grand Saline.

Faulkner says he shared this video so others can be cautious of the wild animals that can pop out while enjoying the lakes this summer.

South added that "people need to be aware that there are alligators. Be careful where you go, especially in swampy areas." He also mentioned that Wood County is currently in the non-core open season for alligators, which runs from April 1st through June 30. According to an Alligator Hunting article, this means that in noncore counties (except on special properties) alligators may be taken only on private property and only with the consent of the owner of the property. 

In this case, they had the consent of Conover.

For more details about the non-core open season for alligator hunting click here.

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