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Palestine police make arrests in recent car burglary spree


Palestine police have arrested two people suspected in a spree of car burglaries after about 30 cars were broken into Tuesday morning.

One car burglary victim caught thieves on a home-surveillance system on Monday, and while authorities haven't confirmed a link between the recent arrests and this specific victim, the car owner and police are warning drivers.

According to Lt. Gabriel Green with the Palestine Police Department, there are some people that theyre just not calling it in because their vehicle was rummaged through but nothing was taken, but we're encouraging everybody, if your car was rummaged through, to let us know.

They were only hitting cars that were unlocked. There is no sign of forced entry. People were leaving their vehicles unlocked so we're trying to tell everybody please lock your vehicle doors, Lt. Green continued to say.

The victim who caught her car burglary on surveillance video has asked us not to use her name, but told us, "You don
t ever think it will happen to you until it actually happens to you, so Im just glad that we were able to catch it on our surveillance.

Her car was rummaged through, but only some small pocket change was stolen.

The Palestine Police Department is still searching for more suspects related to the recent spree of car burglaries.

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