Better East Texas: Should media give voice to Alex Jones?

(KLTV) - The media can be our own worst enemy.  I think most people will agree with that but, in most cases, the media is there to serve the communities that consume our content.  And that is typically the motivation when doing stories.

In some cases, though, you have to wonder what the motivation is that spurs media action. One such case is the interview on NBC by Megyn Kelly, wherein she interviews Infowar's Alex Jones. 

You may or may not be familiar with Jones, and I need to say while it is NBC in this case, it could easily have been any network. But the interview of Jones really doesn't make sense. He believes that the attacks on September 11th were an inside job by the government, and he believes the Sandy Hook school shooting wasn't real. He believes the Apollo moon landings were faked and several other outlandish claims.  

So, again, why interview this guy?  Now, he has had some access to President Trump but he doesn't appear to have any influence and again, why give him a larger megaphone?  The interview will accomplish nothing - for Jones' hardcore fans – they will be bolstered and for his opponents – they will also feel strengthened in their dislike for him.  So, it accomplishes very little in changing minds that are already lined up in their respective camps.

It really doesn't inform either.  It does give added exposure to Jones and his message, and that is dangerous.  So, again, the media can be its own worst enemy – this is not good TV and gives a large voice to someone who doesn't deserve it.  

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