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Padres Pick: Mason House drafted by San Diego in the 2017 MLB Draft

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Tuesday at noon, Whitehouse Wildcat Mason House became a professional baseball player. 

"I can't even put it into words. This is a day I'll never forget," said Mason House, San Diego Padres third-round draft pick. 

As the 78th overall pick and the first position player ever drafted out of this East Texas city, House is the second highest draft pick from Whitehouse; only behind Josh Wilson who was selected 70th overall by the Saint Louis Cardinals back in 2005.  

"You're just waiting to hear the name called and hear your son's name. That's what he waited for, and to hear it today was just phenominal," said Brian House, Mason's father. 

With his name off the board Mason now has an opportunity his five year-old self could only dream of. 

"I'm really excited to be apart of the Padres. It's been a great experience meeting their scouts. It's always been my dream to play professional baseball. To have your dreams come true, it's pretty special," said Mason. 

"His work-ethic is something that other kids didn't have. Other high school kids don't make the sacrifices he made. I knew it was very realistic for him it was just going to be if other people saw it as well," said Kevan House, Mason's eldest brother.  

What's so interesting about Mason's journey is that you can see a timeline of how the outfielder got to this moment. On March 21st, Mason signed to play baseball at the junior college level for LSU Eunice. But just over a month later, MLB anaylists named the high school senior the 66th top prospect in the nation. On May 7th Mason received a late offer from Oklahoma State. From then on his draft stock continued to grow.  

"He handled things so well and that's probably the best part about him that he handled the pressure so well. he just kinda enjoys the moment," said Derrick Jenkins, Whitehouse Head Baseball Coach. 

"Starting with the junior college thing it was never I have to go play, it was I get to go play. Same thing with OSU, it was I get to go to OSU. At the end of the day Mason House wanted to play baseball," said Kevan. 

While Mason and his family have not made a final decision, the House household seems to be leaning toward pursuing a career in major league baseball. 

"It's been amazing without them I wouldn't be sitting here as the 78th pick. I can't even put into words how much they've done for me. I think we have a decision made, but we'll sit down tonight. We'll know very soon," said Mason. 

With a choice soon to be made, no matter what the memories made along the way will never be forgotten. 

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