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Going grocery shopping? Be prepared to pay more, research shows


Going grocery shopping soon? It's going to cost you a little more at the register.

That's according to the Texas Farm Bureau's latest Grocery Price Watch survey, which shows a slight increase in food prices for the second quarter of the year. The average 16-staples basket will cost shoppers about $46.02; that's about 90 cents more than the previous quarter. Staples include items such as produce, meat, grain and dairy products.

The price of individual items is also trending up, according to the TFB.

A thick, juicy sirloin steak will cost $5.97 per pound; that's up 68 cents. Lean ground beef is up 27 cents at $3.89 per pound. And chicken? The price of chicken is going down by about 6 cents to $3.13 per pound. Other non-red meats, like turkey, also showed decreases.

“It’s peak grilling season for Texans, and the meat counter offers a variety of cuts for all price budgets,” TFB President Russell Boening said. “The important thing is to keep a healthy portion of protein on our plates as part of a balanced diet and, of course, enjoy time with family.”

There were slight increases as well - vanilla ice cream, vanilla cake mix and block cheddar cheese are all up, according to the TFB survey.

“Although there were increases, farmers and ranchers still only see a small portion of the prices that consumers pay at the cash register. It’s tough in the farm economy right now, and farmers are making the most out of their resources," Boening said.

To learn more about how the data was collected or about the TFB, visit the agency's website.

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