COPY-Explosions cause havoc, deaths and injuries in London

LONDON Morning rush hour in London has turned into a scene of carnage.

Explosions blamed on terrorists targeted the capital city's mass transit system, hitting subways and ripping apart a double-decker bus.A newsstand operator says he heard what sounded like a "big bomb" and ran out to see the top of a bus blown off and people tumbling down. He says debris flew all over as people ran in panic.B-B-C television footage showed a paramedic trying to revive a victim, pumping on the chest of a bloodied and blackened body.A subway passenger says train cars filled with smoke and there were "loads of people screaming." He says, "You couldn't really breathe and you couldn't see what was happening." Another says there was a loud bang and then a flash of flames down the side of his train.sound of emergency vehicle moving through LondonFor production purposes.

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