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Kenny Rogers Apologizes, East Texans Comment

It took a week, but Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers finally apologized today for his actions. Rogers attacked two television photographers before a game last Wednesday, sending one to the hospital. He was apparently upset over the coverage he was getting in the media. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig suspended Rogers for 20 games last Friday. Today, Rogers read a prepared statement to the media.

"I offer my sincere apologies to Larry and David," said Rogers. "The incident should never have occurred. To all my fans, my teammates and my family, I am truly sorry for any disappointment that I have caused you. I'm deeply disappointed and embarrassed in myself for my inability to rise above the situation no matter how it became."

Rogers refused to answer questions as to whether or not he'll play in next weeks' all-star game. Technically, his is eligible for the game while he appeals his 20-game suspension. Under the circumstances, should he play in the game? We posed that question to several East Texans, who had this to say about it.

"His behavior is not becoming of someone you would consider an all-star," said J.P. Davis of Tyler, "so I would say no."

"I don't think he should be allowed to play until his appeal is over," said Orlene Mayfield of Tyler. "He should have controlled his temper, like all of the other players, wherever they are. They are supposed to be in control."

"He does need to control his anger," said Brandon Crumpton of Nacogdoches, "but until the, the appeals come back, hey, play ball."

"Even though he's in the process of appealing it," said Dora Benavidez of Tyler. "Until they prove that he didn't do anything wrong, he shouldn't be allowed to play, especially not the all-star game."

The all-star game is Tuesday, July 11.

Kevin Berns reporting.

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