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Store Employees Bound During Jewelry Store Robbery

An East Texas jewelry store, robbed by two men in broad daylight. The employees in the store were bound during the robbery.

Police said around 1:00 p.m., Friedman's Jewelers off of Highway 69 in Jacksonville was robbed.
There were two workers in the store at the time. City officials said those employees were forced in to the back of the store and bound.

The two robbers walked in to the store and asked to see some merchandise. When the clerk went to remove the merchandise for showing, both men pulled guns.

Police said the robbery took place very quickly. At least two women tried to enter the store, not knowing a robbery was taking place.

One woman said the robbers spoke directly to her.

"The door was locked so I questioned that," said Vickie Cox. "I looked at the sign and then a man came to the door and told me to come back in an hour, that they were doing inventory and cleaning."

A city spokesperson said the robbers got away with thousands of dollars in jewelry. The store will have to take inventory to determine exactly how much was taken.

The two robbers fled in a jeep that was later found at an abandoned apartment complex.
Officials said that jeep was stolen Tuesday night.

The robbers are described as black males, one in their late teens, the other in his early 20s. One has a tattoo on his neck. One of them was also wearing a red apron.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Jacksonville Police Department.

Maya Golden reporting,

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