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Tall Tale on the Mound: Christian Heritage wins TAPPS state title by tricking pitcher

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The Christian Heritage Sentinels are your 2017 TAPPS 2-A Region 5 State Champions. 

"Our first ever state championship win for our school. That's just an incredible accomplishment for me as a senior and then just to see the team pull through after such a slow start to the season; to have such an amazing victory at the end," said Jake Peterman, senior short-stop and pitcher. 

There is a story that goes beyond what the box score can tell you about the Sentinels 3-2 title victory over Brazos-port Christian. With freshman pitcher Geoffrey Trauger on the mound, senior shortstop Jake Peterman decided to help lift some of the pressure off his teammate. 

"I went up to the pitcher and said 'hey man it's a championship game we play nine innings instead of seven.' Of course that was a total lie I was just trying to do something to calm him down," said Peterman. 

"When it comes from a senior that you've looked up to your whole life, you're like well I guess he knows what he's talking about," said Jeffery Trauger, freshman pitcher. "I wasn't worried about this one. I got into the mind set that this inning doesn't really matter.'

The Sentinels quickly got the first two outs, Trauger got ahead in the count and was one strike away from the win. That's when Trauger did something that proves he truly believed in his teammates little white-lie. 

"He bends down and starts tying his shoe, he must of been calm cause because who would tie his shoes with two strikes and two outs in the final inning of the championship game," said Peterman. 

"To do that it just showed the poise that he had and that there really was no pressure that he was feeling at the time. Little did I know that pressure was lifted off on him two outs earlier," said James Peterman, Christian Heritage Head Coach. 

"When I got that last out I was just mousing off the mound to the dugout. It didn't really click until my catcher nearly bull-dozed me. There's some pictures where he is charging in and I still have my head down. It was defiantly unbelievable that's for sure," said Trauger. 

The bible does mention not to lie or bare-false witness, but I'm sure the big man upstairs will let this one slide. 

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