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Streets Of Speed: Shiloh Speeders Force Other Drivers Elsewhere

"People go really too fast, and the police do some here pretty often. But it doesn't have much effect on it," says driver Donna Bryan.

There's plenty of speed and little time to react on Shiloh. We clocked drivers at 47 to 50 miles per hour within minutes of setting up our Speedzapper.

When many drivers go well over the speed limit, folks say others have little regard for the law, and patience for others.

"If you don't get out of the way, they're not slowing down, they're not going to see you," Donna says.

If someone wants to turn onto one of these side streets, there's very little time. Also, there's no left turn lane, so traffic behind them has to stop. And for those who are turning out from these side streets, it can be a pretty daunting task.

"You really have to be watching for the cars on the top of the hill because they're really going a lot faster than they're supposed to be doing," Donna says.

Our high speed on Shiloh was 61 miles per hour.  The speed limit is just 40.

"If you're going 20 miles over the speed limit, you're not going to be getting a warning. It's going to be a citation," says motor Officer Brad Langford who adds that he hears the excuses.

"A lot of them say they're going down the hill. That's what we have brakes for," he says.

But as more folks use Shiloh as a shortcut in South Tyler, drivers like Donna are planning a longer but safer route.

"[It] is taking your life in your own hands," she says.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.


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