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Tornado victim's salvaged items stolen

Teresa Melton talks about the loss of her property. Source: KLTV Teresa Melton talks about the loss of her property. Source: KLTV
Source: KLTV Source: KLTV

A sad update for an East Texan who lost her home in the April tornadoes as all that she was able to salvage was stolen or trashed by looters.

Teresa Melton of Eustace had her home destroyed in the storms that rumbled through Henderson County and a few days ago discovered that she had been victimized again.

Melton couldn't believe what she was seeing at first. Everything she owned was gone. Looted from her property.

"I received a text message from my friend that some things were missing out here. It feels like a personal attack. For them to come back and take what little you had left. It's just heartbreaking," she says.

Important because everything that was taken, was what she was able to salvage from her home that was destroyed in the April tornadoes that hit Eustace.

"I secured what was left and they came back again that night and took some more things. Two four-wheelers, took a trailer, washer and dryer other things," Melton says.

"It literally made me sick to my stomach. To think that there are people so vile and so heartless, that would hit somebody that hard when they've been so devastated," says family friend Vivian Hardgrave.

Melton says whoever did this stole everything out of a trailer and a shop house. They knocked down a fence pull a trailer in and load everything up and what they didn't steal?

"What they didn't take, they trashed. It leaves you feeling very violated," Teresa says.

Friends and neighbors had helped her in the salvage effort, and now to see it stolen?

"Your heart just breaks when somebody goes through something like that," Hardgrave says.

Victimized by weather, and now by scavengers, she takes stock in what she does have.

"I don't know why we go through some of the things we go through. There's far more good in this world than bad, if you look for it," says Teresa.

Melton has filed a report with the sheriff's office and spoke with us because she wants to warn others to be watchful of their properties.

The Meltons are insured and say they will rebuild elsewhere.

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