Better East Texas: Can Obama bridge the gap between Trump, Merkel?

(KLTV) - Recently, while President Trump was on his trip to the Middle East and meeting with the Pope and engaging gin NATO business, former President Obama was also in that same part of the world. 

No, it is no secret that these two men don't agree on much and that is not unique between republican and democratic presidents, but Mr. Obama, while delivering public comments, could not help but take a swipe at Trump in a comment about isolationism.  It has been a long tradition that former presidents don't pass judgment on them or, at least, withhold judgmental comment.  Now Mr. Obama can certainly say what he wants, it just is not helpful to our country. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is already not a Trump fan and has, for years, been an Obama fan – which is fine as well, but she has to work with Trump now. One of the big divides between her and Trump is on the issue of immigration. 

Germany, under Merkel's leadership, opened its borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees which angered many Germans and helped build the case for England to leave the European Union. So, President Trump and Chancellor Merkel will need to find common ground on other topics and that may be difficult but, at some point, the chancellor will need a strong relationship with the U.S. and it will be in the best interests of the Germans that one exists. 

President Trump needs to keep that in mind too and be open to working with her and the Germans productively.  And Mr. Obama will hopefully help the process along for the country's sake.

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