Better East Texas: The Sanctuary City debate

(KLTV) - On the last day of the Texas Legislature in Austin, a group of protestors entered the state capitol to protest Senate Bill 4 which has passed both houses of the legislature and has been signed by the Governor, Gregg Abbott. 

S-B-4 is the bill that has been dubbed the anti-sanctuary cities law and it is, without a doubt, the toughest in the nation on forcing local officials to work with ICE – the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency of the federal government. Several Texas mayors have come out in recent months to declare they would not cooperate with ICE by notifying the agency when they have someone arrested who does not have legal citizenship status. 

It has been a hot topic across the nation, and many major cities have come out in support of sanctuary status.This topic has torn up families as well and the debate will go on, but when you get to the basic foundation of our country, we are a nation of laws – laws that should be enforced, or changed, if that is what the voting populous wants. 

But while laws are in effect, they must be enforced. And, in this case, it will mean that there will continue to be increased in the amount of arrests and deportations for immigration violations in Texas. Now, this bill will be challenged in court and we all know that it has been a coin toss on how courts will embrace or toss laws like these but we cannot rely on the courts to write law, it is the job of the legislature and, in this case, the legislature and governor have spoken.

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